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Some people know editorial & design.

Some people know horses. We know both.



Danvers Child, CJF

A life-long horseman  and a practicing farrier since 1972, Danvers specializes in shoeing sport and performance horses. In addition to his home practice, Danvers travels extensively, as a farrier and as a consultant and specialist for farrier concerns.


In addition to his work within the farrier community, Danvers maintains an active role within the larger equine community.   He produces and reviews articles for numerous publications and serves within a variety of organization  | read more |

April Raine

Involved in the equine industry from an early age and progressing through a successful career showing, April continued training, teaching, and working with problem horses while attending college.  April completed her BFA with Honors at the Art Institute and began looking for ways to utilize her skills within the equine publishing industry.


Since then, her work has graced both public and private collections, ranging from feature displays of fine art photography exhibited in the Smithsonian Affiliate, International Museum of the Horse to private portraiture & magazines. | read more |

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After a long day, a little percussive maintenance can be rather cathartic.



The Blacksmith Shop

Best known for his accomplishments as an educator and farrier, Danvers is no stranger to artistry and anvils.  From making horseshoes and hammers, Danvers progressed to artistic and architectural forging in the late ‘90’s.  Inspired by the architectural work of the late Edward Martin, he began with simple twists and joinery and progressed to small sculpture.


Danvers is a member of the American Farrier’s Association, the Indiana Blacksmiths’ Association, and ABANA (Artists Blacksmiths Association of North America).

Design Studio

Although April is best known for her photography and work in the equine publishing industry, she's skilled in  a variety of media that stems from watching her loved ones work when she was growing up.    Her grandfather was a tool and die maker. her great aunt was a painter , her father is a retired press man of 43 years, her mom has sketched on every card she's ever written, and her brother is one of her favorite artists.


When  she's not on the road, her base is in Indiana, where she creates custom prints, jewelry, and other specialty work through her design firm.




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